Finding the Right Medical Device Venture Capital Firm

Are you a medical device developer with a great idea, or do you have a company that needs help getting its ingenious product on the market? By connecting with a reputable medical device venture capital firm, you get both the funding and support needed to successfully launch your product. 

It’s been an especially busy time in history for medical investments. As the pandemic continues to impact much of the world, there’s been an escalating demand to revolutionize how we administer health care. We’re seeing medtech venture capital experts finance the creation of cutting-edge technologies and therapies to improve health care practices through the pandemic and beyond. In addition to providing capital for research and development, these medical device investors also provide the resources and expertise needed to navigate regulatory agency requirements and get products to market.

Medical Device Investors with Value

If you believe your medical device design is innovative and industry-changing, you should give it every chance to succeed. Of course, your biggest priority is to get the necessary funding for product development. However, it’s equally important to be discerning about which investor you choose, to avoid aligning with an entity that does not hold value to your product or objective. Not all investors have a firm grasp of your product’s unique field, or even the healthcare industry at large, so it’s important to thoroughly vet each contender before making a decision about the future of your medical device.

Considering a medtech venture capital firm’s history and culture is oftentimes an underestimated step—failure to properly vet this area can have tremendous consequences for your business and its products. For instance, partnering with an investment company that has a less-than-stellar reputation can leave you with a negative association that’s hard to shake down the line. Extensive research options and reading all the fine print is your best defense against engaging in a bad deal. Once the contract is drawn and signed, it’s often incredibly expensive and difficult to get out of it.

Medical Device Private Equity Is About Connections

You want the best for your company. Structuring it with trustworthy leaders and experts is key to building a foundation for success. Not only does staffing your organization with the best and brightest ensure that your company thrives internally, but it also looks good to investors. Ultimately, medical device venture capital firms want to know that you’re poised to flourish. If they’re confident in your company’s structure and values, they’ll be a lot more likely to invest capital and resources into your vision.

Having a well-organized, competently staffed company is a great starting point to get the attention of reputable medical device private equity firms. Yet, most won’t hear unsolicited pitches from unknown companies. That’s why it’s a good idea to build further connections to reach your goal. Working with a medical device consultant like Pathway Medtech can help you reach the right investors more easily. Our team can also assist with meeting regulatory requirements, improving management systems, and manufacturing products.

Choosing Between Venture Capital Medical Device Investors

To create a successful path for your organization, you will need to connect with a medtech venture capital firm that has an established history and credible reputation. Here’s a list of several organizations that have a proven track record in this arena.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Johnson & Johnson Innovation (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) is a forward-looking organization that works to develop new and emerging health care solutions, therapeuticals, over-the-counter products, and medical devices worldwide. Utilizing its well-funded and robust infrastructure, Johnson & Johnson Innovation focuses on providing financial resources to support early-stage research funding, seed funding, licensing, and equity investments. 

Versant Ventures

One of the leading health care investments firms, Versant Ventures, invests in all areas of the medical industry, with a primary focus on therapeutics. With $2.4 billion under management and offices in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, its impressive size is complemented by a hands-on approach to helping entrepreneurs build great companies, making this organization ideal for early-stage ventures.

New Enterprise Associates

As a full-service global venture capital firm, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) has committed over $20 billion in capital since its founding in 1977. The company primarily funds entrepreneurs developing new and emerging technologies, but it’s also known for investing across all stages of a company’s life cycle. NEA has an established track record in multiple sectors as well, investing in healthcare IT, medical devices, life sciences, and biotechnology.

This is but a sampling of today’s foremost authorities in the venture capital world. Remember, finding a good “investment fit” should go beyond capital and potential profits. A truly valuable partner can provide incalculable resources and guidance to help shape your company’s future. Furthermore, establishing the right relationships and sound business practices can help your business thrive throughout your contractually defined experience with the investment firm—and even beyond. 

Advancing Health Care Through Smart Partnerships 

Medical device venture capital firms play a huge part in the health care industry. If you have an innovative idea for a new device that you believe could advance modern medicine, getting financial backing from a reputable investor can be crucial to fulfilling your vision and changing the world.

Our team at Pathway Medtech has some great recommendations for venture capital partnerships. Contact us today to learn more.