If you’re in the process of developing a medical device, you may be wondering about the benefits of medical device contract manufacturing for Orange County businesses. When you’re ready to turn your prototypes into commercial products, you’ll want to choose a company that offers high-quality services with the precision you need to get your product to market.

Below you’ll find out more about the ideal candidate for medical device contract manufacturing, Pathway NPI. They offer a full-service, science-based approach for medical contract manufacturing.

Precision And Quality Are Paramount In Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

The medical device industry is an ever-expanding industry, and the demand for its products is growing at a rapid rate. This demand has led to a significant amount of reshoring, particularly of component manufacturing. While reshoring has been a growing trend for many years, the past year has seen it become more important than ever to do so.

Control Over Processes Of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing For Orange County

Companies need to develop effective risk management programs and have strong quality control procedures in place in order to launch a medical device. These systems are often referred to as QMS. A robust QMS is essential to reducing the risks associated with a product’s development, and is one of the most critical factors for ensuring a high-quality product.

When developing a new medical device, a potential manufacturer should ensure that they have a solid QMS in place. By doing so, they can mitigate risks, and they will be able to monitor and address risks as they arise.  A quality contract manufacturer can help with this.

Production Of Medical Devices With Expertise And Resources

To do this, a manufacturer should ensure that they are working with a contract manufacturing company that has the resources and expertise to effectively handle the entire process, from the initial design to the final product.

Medical providers require reliable, accurate parts, and they need to get them in a timely fashion. In order to achieve this, manufacturers should focus on developing intuitive designs that improve physician and patient experience. There are several accredited programs available, including MedAccred, which ensures adherence to cGMP practices.

Full-Service Contract Manufacturers Offer Multiple Critical Services Under One Roof

The potential cost savings and one-stop shopping offered by full-service contract manufacturers are attracting more OEMs to take advantage of their services. These companies combine assembly, distribution, reverse logistics, part procurement, and eCommerce orders into one seamless operation.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services

Many full-service medical contract manufacturing companies offer solutions, but there are several that should be highlighted. For example, the reverse logistics function is a product support function. It requires the same tools and facilities used in manufacturing, and involves similar skill sets. By combining these functions, they can reduce supply chain disruptions and rectify any mishaps before they occur.

Traditionally, a company would outsource the reverse logistics functions to another provider, such as a third-party logistics firm. But full-service CMs have the same facilities and skills, and can handle the entire process.

Efficiency With Time And Money In Manufacturing Services

Not only couldl this save the OEMs time and money, but it can also improve efficiency in projects. With the same equipment in place as a manufacturing facility, they can perform more accurate inventory management, and fix any mistakes before they cause downstream production to slow.

Full-service CMs can also offer a number of other services, such as product commercialization and human-centered research. They are well-positioned to help OEMs solve their most pressing challenges, and can provide a lifeline for medical device firms.

Improvement Of Productivity In Manufacturing Processes

Ultimately, full-service CMs are a good option for manufacturers who want to improve their productivity and stay focused on their core business. And it’s not hard to see why. Many OEMs and suppliers are looking to find the next big thing to increase market share, and this is where a contract manufacturer can help.

Pathway NPI Is A Contract Manufacturing Company Servicing Orange County, California

Pathway NPI is a contract manufacturing company located near Orange County, California. Established in 2013, the company provides a wide range of manufacturing services, including engineering design, precision sheet metal machining, powder coating, silk screening, painting, electronic assembling, assembly, testing, and final assembly.

One-Stop Source For All Your Manufacturing Needs

Pathway NPI is the one-stop source for all your manufacturing needs. As a proven successful contract manufacturer in the country, Pathway NPI’s facility is capable of accommodating small to large, multi-year contract production runs.

Product Quality And Customers Experience

Aside from its impressive production capabilities, Pathway NPI also takes the time to make sure its customers have the best possible experience. From providing customer service to providing a product that is the best in its class, the company has been able to achieve an industry-leading reputation for providing good products at affordable prices.

Pathway Offers Scientific-Based Medical Expertise

The medical device industry is vital to the health care system. It provides an important means of diagnosing diseases and improving patient outcomes. However, it is often challenging to locate the best companies to work with. Knowing what types of firms are available can make the process easier.

The medical device contract manufacturing market is growing rapidly, as manufacturers increasingly turn to third-party contract manufacturers to produce their medical devices. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% over the next five years, reaching $24.1 billion by 2021.

The main drivers of the market are the increasing demand for medical devices and the growing trend of outsourcing manufacturing. Increasingly, hospitals and other healthcare providers are outsourcing medical device manufacturing to third-party contract manufacturers in order to reduce costs and improve quality. 

In addition, rising health care costs are forcing more hospitals and other healthcare providers to shift their focus from buying medical devices to contracting for their production. This trend is likely to continue as the healthcare industry faces increasing challenges in terms of affordability and access to quality medical devices.

In order to capitalize on this growth opportunity, manufacturers should focus on addressing the following challenges:

  • Developing strong relationships with healthcare providers and understanding their needs
  • Offering tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare providers
  • Developing strong manufacturing capabilities and expertise
  • Supporting a smooth and efficient supply chain

Variety Of Services In Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Whether you need early stage conceptualization, quality system development, project management, or regulatory planning, Pathway NPI can help. They leverage 3D-printing capabilities for prototyping, as well as a full-service engineering staff to ensure a smooth product development cycle.

By combining their technologies and expertise, Pathway NPI has the potential to bring greater safety and better patient care to the world. 


Working with an experienced contract manufacturer of medical devices for Orange County is a more cost-efficient production and development strategy. There’s will also be a significant improvement in the  product management process. 

Additionally, local medical device companies have more controlled and streamlined processes, which can help reduce costs. Outsourcing is also gaining ground in the medical device industry in Orange County, and companies are offering positions for engineers and manufacturing operators. 

By partnering with an experienced contract manufacturer, you can access the same quality of production as if you were doing it in-house, but without having to make the upfront financial investment or hire full-time staff. Additionally, you will benefit from a team of dedicated experts with years of experience in the industry, and you can take advantage of their expansive portfolio of medical device components.