The San Diego Business Journal has announced its Top 50 2022 Honorees for Leaders of Influence in the Life Sciences, including Pathway Medtech’s CEO Arthur Deptala. The list released this year is a who’s-who of pharma and biotech innovators changing the faces of medicine and science in San Diego.

CEO Arthur Deptala and the Pathway Medtech team are recognized for their partnerships with more than 40 clients and the successful design and manufacture of more than two dozen products in the medical device industry. 

Deptala brings more than two decades of experience to the table. He and his expert Pathway Medtech colleagues are shaping the way as leaders for early-stage medical device companies. Our clients can leverage a sizable umbrella of certifications, audits and manufacturing technologies to expedite their time to market while focusing exclusively on selling their product. 

The goal is to impact the future of healthcare while allowing better use of capital and compression of the typical startup time frame. Our professionals move clients seamlessly through the engineering, quality control, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing phases to bring innovative medical solutions to market.

To learn more about the work being done by Deptala and Pathway Medtech, a premier medical device company located in San Diego, contact us today.