Technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. This rapid advancement pushes the medical device industry forward to identify and treat health conditions more efficiently and effectively. As a medical device contract manufacturer, Pathway Medtech is heavily invested in emerging trends that help us support our clients as they produce industry-changing technologies.

Despite consistent improvements to medical technology, there are still many challenges facing the health care system. Increasing amounts of patient data, inefficient drug research and testing, and wasteful inventory management systems are examples of issues that plague the industry. Medical devices are undergoing significant advances to help create a healthier future for us all.

IoMT Is the Future of Medical Systems

Internet of Medical Things—or IoMT—is a term used to describe an Internet-connected network of medical devices and other applications that link to health care IT systems. Especially since the advent of wearables such as smartwatches and Fitbit, the delivery of real-time medical information is distributed between digital technologies such as computers and the institutions with stakes in that data. Life-saving developments have already been made that provide vital intel about blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and blood sugar to health care providers.

IoMT supports a variety of innovative solutions that enhance today’s health care system. It helps to identify and treat medical issues and improves efficiency by providing robust data about individuals. This increased operational efficiency can also lower medical costs while improving outcomes for many patients. As our world continues to become increasingly connected through the internet, IoMT is expected to continue its rise within the medical device industry.

Wearable Technology: The Surprise Medical Device Idea

Wearables have been around for quite a few years. In the early days, products like Fitbit were simply used to count steps or estimate caloric burn. Smartwatches such as the Apple Watch promised constant connectivity between users and their phones and go-to apps. The number of people who owned wearable devices worldwide more than doubled between 2016 and 2019, jumping from 325 million to 722 million. 

Today, these high-tech devices aren’t limited to wrist wearables. Electrocardiogram monitors, smart insulin pens, glucose meters, and other products incorporate IoMT to detect deviations and flag potentially unhealthy trends. As the value of data has soared, wearable technology has advanced to the point of monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, and even serves as an early detector of COVID-19 infection in some patients. Wearables are being used to optimize the care provided by health professionals and empower patients to monitor their health and wellness to prevent illness.

Additive Manufacturing Offers Streamlined Development

Additive manufacturing (AM), perhaps more commonly known as 3D printing, is a cutting-edge solution that is remarkably useful in many different industries. AM utilizes computer-aided design, also known as CAD, to create three-dimensional objects. Materials are then printed in layers until the object takes shape. Product ideas can be taken from concept to prototype in a fraction of the time compared to traditional manufacturing methods. 

This trending technology is proven to reshape the development process for medical devices entirely. You can create complex designs including prosthetics, surgical tools, and other life-saving products with ease thanks to AM’s capabilities. Unlike with traditional physical molds, digital CAD files allow for precise, minute adjustments to concepts. AM can also reduce time and costs during production, speeding time to market. 

Pathway Medtech utilizes AM in medical device contract manufacturing to deliver valuable, forward-thinking health care solutions. The flexibility and efficiency of 3D printing lends itself to the constantly evolving future of the medical device industry.

Pathway Medtech Leads the Way in Medical Device Innovation

Pathway Medtech is one of the country’s leading firms specializing in medical device design, regulatory clearance, and production. How did we achieve this recognition? By keeping our focus on the future!

As the landscape of the medical device industry continues to change with the times, it’s essential to incorporate emerging technologies into development practices. We believe that leveraging the latest innovations is the best way to develop safe, effective, reliable products for consumers. Follow our medical devices blog to learn more about emerging trends and technologies in this highly competitive and challenging space.

Do you have a revolutionary idea for a new medical device? If so, we would love to help bring your invention to life! Pathway Medtech’s multidisciplinary team excels at delivering out-of-the-box solutions and rapid, tangible results. Our holistic suite of services includes regulatory expertise and a deep understanding of ISO standards for medical devices. These industry best practices establish a model for quality assurance by specifying performance criteria to address all necessary steps in the product life cycle.

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